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How Bail Bonds Work in Denton County, Texas

Any time someone is arrested within Denton County, Texas, the Sherriff's Department has general authority over the arrest and incarceration of the individual until they have court. If that person can't or doesn't want to stay in jail until their court date, they must either pay the full amount of bail set by the judge or magistrate or, if eligible, they can hire someone to write a bail bond on their behalf. There are plenty of Denton County bonding companies out there to choose from.

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How Bail Bonds Work

Here's a brief rundown on how Denton County bail bonds work...

When a person gets arrested, they will be booked either by the city police department or the Sherriff's Department. The type of offense will generally be the deciding factor in determining which jail a person goes to. City jails usually are where people are held for simple bench warrants on traffic tickets. With other, more serious offenses, the defendant will most likely be transferred to the Denton County Jail.

So, the first step in getting a bond written for an inmate is to find out where they're being held. Check here to see if they are in the Denton County Jail.

Once you find the individual, you need to hire an individual that specializes in writing bail bonds in Denton County, Texas. We at Tx Bail Bonds highly recommend that you use the one we've listed on our main website. However, if you do a quick search online, you'll find a lot of them listed. If you don't want to go through a bonding company, you also have the option to pay the whole amount of the bail in cash to Denton County. This is also known as a "cash bond." Most people don't have the money to do this however, which is why they usually go through a third-party bondsman.

Once you call a bonding company, you'll need to know the correct spelling of the inmate's name so that they can look them up in the online records and verify the amount of the bond. After that, you'll need to qualify as a co-signer on the bond. This means that if the person, once released on a bond, doesn't show up to their court date, then you will be held liable for the full amount of the bail. This is to create an incentive for the person to show up in front of the judge when the time comes and to limit any risk of "flight."

Qualifying for a bail bond is very simple, depending on the bonding company. You will need to have two recent pay stubs, a recent utility bill, and a valid I.D. These are used to verify income and proof of residency. Furthermore, you're going to need to be a resident of the state of Texas. You don't necessarily have to live within Denton County limits, but definitely live within the State of Texas.

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